07 January 2012

Hijabi Hair Care

Hijabi Hair Care

-Dallah Abd

I recently received a suggestion to talk about hair care for hijabi's so here we go! :) Please leave other suggestions! <3

So we all can read up on proper hair treatment, but what happens when you wear hijab? Are there any tips and tricks we should know? Well I think so, but ofcourse everyone knows their own tips/tricks so feel free to leave some thoughts in the comments.

I would say, the number one reason for hair loss for hijabi's issssss wearing the hijab for extended periods of time. Such as, being out at school and work all day and then only letting your hair breath for a few hours in bed. This is not enough. Especially if you also keep your hair tied in a tight bun at home.

1- Try to get more hair break time and when you are hijabless massage your scalp a bit. It doesnt hurt to get the blood circulating a bit more. Comb/brush your hair more often since this will also be more stimulating for the scalp. I feel this is especially important in the winter, because I for one like being warm haha So I tend to just forget to take off my hijab at home and have to be reminded.

2-Ofcourse proper shampoo! and heat protection if you blow dry or straighten your hair!

3-Also, some natural hair oil are always a good option. Such as Olive Oil, Moroccan Rusk Oil, Coconut Oil, Jadayeel Hair Oil. Oils nourish, condition, and improve the strength and elasticity of your hair. Put on some oil to dry ends or the scalp. Brade your hair or wrap, leave in for a while. Jump in the shower and tada!

4-Tie your hair looser, especially if you have long thick and heavy hair. Naturally this is pulling your hair back and essentially stressing the front of your head which can cause hair loss above your forehead region. Try a braid and a couple different techniques, its all fair game.

Also, remember that we naturally lose up to 100 strands of hair a day. So, when you have your hair up in a bun/braid/pony tail all day you may just think you are losing a lot of hair when you comb it but in actuality it could just be an accumulation of hairs that were going to fall out anyways haha

5-Anemia. Ifffff you are anemic.. which alot of women from the middle east/india/pakistan are prone to. You may be losing hair due to that. Go to the doctor and get your self checked! Iron pills may be suggested.

6- Wearing rough/thick hijabs without an underpiece. Its causing a lot of friction and hair breakage. Try thinner hijabs, cotton, silk and satin mix, soft viscose. If you do wear a thicker hijab make sure to wear an underpiece, it protects your hair. Even if you do not wear a thick scarf I still recommend underpieces. Unless it doesn't fit with your hijab style.

7- Stress! Oh the evil word. The underlying factor affecting the health of your entire body. Try to destress. Read Quran. Exercise. Surround your self with good people. What can I say, this is a challange for everyone. In Allah ma3al sabereen!

Hope you enjoyed! Always say Alhamdullilah for everything you have! Beauty is just something Allah swt has blessed you with and faith is what is cherished! <3 Love you all! -Dallah Abd


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