05 April 2012

Hijabi princess project: Pocahontas!

Pocahontas probably gave me the most shivers while watching it as it is such a heartwarming story. Here is why she is totally kick-butt:
-Fierce and fearless. I find it awesome that she jumps from a cliff into the water and I always wanted to do that. 
-She love nature and has a beautiful relationship with it. 
-She's so exotic. One of the most gorgeous princesses in my opinion. 

Outfit no. 1:

I saw this dress that the model was wearing and jumped for joy, it is so hijabi friendly and Pocahontas-y! I paired it with brown pants and some awesome Jeffrey Campbells. I added the headband for a more hippie look and some awesome feathers you can clip to your hijab :) 

Outfit no. 2:
Awesome fringey boots with a cute top and cardigan. More clip in feathers :) 

Outfit no. 3: 

This one is more hipster like. I love wide-legged jeans; they're so hijab friendly and are coming back in style. I paired it with a cute poncho and a fringey hijab with clogs. Plus, check out the necklace identical to Pocahontas's!

Pictures of Pocahontas from Google. Outfits assembled on Polyvore. 



SARAH said...

love it ! this is so creative! :)


Jen said...

I love your idea on the princess project. Can't wait to see more of your ideas. These are awesome.

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